for helping us forward THE Body Positive movement!


for helping us forward our Body Positive movement!

Why Support the body positive?

With your valuable contribution to The Body Positive, you are helping those who are suffering from body shame, self-hatred, demoralization from failed diets, and eating disorders step onto a path of healing their relationship with their body.

Your donation will allow us to serve more people by giving scholarships to individuals in need who wish to attend our trainings and workshops, and by helping us create our online training, which will expand our community of Body Positive leaders worldwide.

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One-time or recurring contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated.

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Gifts of stock & Securities

Did you know that appreciated stock with big gains are the most tax effective way to give?

A gift of appreciated stock (that has been held for more than one year) to a non-profit organization such as The Body Positive can provide you with two tax benefits: (1) a charitable deduction equal to the average price of the stock on the day it transfers into The Body Positive's account, and (2) avoidance of any capital gains tax on the appreciated stock.

Consult your tax accountant to see if a stock donation to The Body Positive is right for you.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Becoming a Corporate Sponsor of The Body Positive demonstrates to the millions of people who struggle with eating disorders and body shame that your company recognizes the severity of these challenges and sees the importance of addressing and preventing them. The Body Positive provides important education and resources in the fight against eating and body image problems. We’re a powerful force against the wave of toxic messages and images that target vulnerable people. With your help, we can continue and expand our critical work.

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