Elizabeth Scott, LCSW: Director of training, Co-founder

Elizabeth practiced psychotherapy in Marin County, California for twenty-seven years, specializing in eating disorders treatment. She refined the core Competencies of the Be Body Positive Model to be appropriate for the treatment, as well as the prevention, of eating problems. She offers her treatment approach in the 10 CEU Body Positive Psychotherapy online course for professionals.

Since 1998, Elizabeth has been training students and staff in high school and college to lead Body Positive programs on their campuses. She also trains eating disorders treatment professionals in private practice and inpatient treatment centers to use the Be Body Positive curriculum to prevent eating disorders. She helped develop videos and guidebooks for The Body Positive's school-based prevention work, and co-produced the premiere video project for This Is Beauty, the organization's online campaign to promote healthy body image through the expression of one's authentic beauty. Her experiences as a Body Positive psychotherapist are featured in Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!).

Elizabeth is passionate about her work because she believes that a healthy self-image is an essential aspect of a person’s development. She credits her mother Lynn, a feminist therapist, for communicating a positive message about women’s bodies that allowed her to grow up with an abundance of self-love. Elizabeth’s discovery of African dance as a teenager and her exploration of improvisational dance throughout her life sustain her great appreciation for her body and its capacity to express pleasure and vitality.

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