Be Body Positive Campus Leadership Programs

The Body Positive offers life-transforming leadership trainings for initiating powerful, student-driven programs aimed at building Body Positive high school and college campuses. We provide the training and educational materials needed for students and staff to become Body Positive leaders who work to establish a social climate in the school community where healthy eating, a positive body image, and excellent self-care are the norm.

Leadership teams are guided to create a Body Positive program that is tailored to meet the specific needs of their school. The training and educational materials prepare teams to conduct ongoing Body Positive groups, education, and activism projects in a variety of settings on campus to address the self-destructive, isolating struggles many students experience with their body image, eating, and exercise.

Research conducted at Stanford University in 2014 showed that this model is strongly associated with self-compassion, healthy eating and exercise, more satisfying relationships, emotional wellbeing, and lower levels of anxiety. Cornell University is currently conducting a pilot study of their adaptation of our Be Body Positive curriculum for colleges.

How to Get Involved

We offer 2-day facilitator trainings around the country that are open to high school/college students and educators/professionals. Although we don’t train middle school students to be leaders, we do have curriculum for this age group and invite educators and professionals at the middle school level to join us at an upcoming training.

At our Regional Be Body Positive Facilitator Trainings, you will:

  • Receive your own copy of our comprehensive Be Body Positive Facilitator Manual and Group Curriculum with step-by-step instructions for teaching our powerful Competencies in individual and group settings with clients. Our curriculum is used by educators and student leaders worldwide to create sustainable, life-enhancing changes in their school communities.
    Download a sample of the curriculum.
  • Experience the power of our Model to enhance your relationship with your own body, improve your self-care, and prevent burnout.
  • Gain confidence and invaluable skills to work with people struggling with eating and body image problems.
  • Engage in dialogue to understand the impact of intersecting identities on body image and self-care.
  • Build relationships with educators, high school and college students, and treatment providers who are passionate about ending eating disorders and creating Body Positive communities.

We have one facilitator training coming up in April 2019 in Seattle, WA. This training is being hosted by Rooted Heart Healthcare and Center For Discovery Tacoma, and we have been invited to share the information with our community to fill a certain number of spaces.

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Please reach out to our Director of Training, Elizabeth Scott, ( with questions.

“Every student leader and staff member who participated in the Be Body Positive training here at Cornell University had the opportunity to transform their perception of health and beauty, reclaim these concepts in a much deeper way and to take ownership of how these ideas are treated in their own communities...What is most thrilling to me is that The Body Positive will not only change the lives of those directly involved in group sessions but that it will have ripple effects on campus and in our communities for generations of students to come.”
— Clint Wattenberg,  Cornell Sports Dietitian

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Upcoming Be Body Positive
Facilitator Trainings

Seattle, WA

April 13-14, 2019
9 am - 5 pm
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All trainings are wheelchair accessible.

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A 2014 study conducted by researchers at Stanford University provides quantitative support for our program's success.

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Transforming campuses

Watch Love Your Body video made by Cornell University’s Women’s Resource Center.

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Hear why Saint Mary's College of California started their Body Positive Leadership program.

Watch The Video

Hear from Jenell, a former Body Positive student at Cal State Long Beach

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I was diagnosed with "Eating Disorder, Not otherwise specified" last year, but I had been struggling for much longer than that. I started my unhealthy spiral in high school, using extreme dieting in an attempt to lose weight and punishing myself for my "failures" by obsessively examining my muffin top and other undesirable body parts in the mirror.  When I ate an unacceptable food group (ice cream, bread, chocolate, a burger) I would force myself to purge.  It largely became my whole life - If I wasn’t actively calculating the calories of my next meal, the workouts I would have to do this week to deserve to eat, I was mentally comparing myself to those around me and berating myself for not eating good enough, looking good enough... It's been 5 years since I began that spiral of self hatred, bingeing and purging, and the only reason I've been able to get out of it was my Body Positive experience. The biggest, most obvious result is that I have not purged since our first class together - a huge success for me.  But this experience has really done so much more than that. I've been able to tell that voice in my head repeating the mantra "you are not enough" to go sit in the corner and stop interrupting my day. I've stopped weighing myself. Sometimes I eat bread, even if it's WHITE bread.  And I've started loving myself - my stretch marks, cellulite, belly and thighs.  All these milestones are little milestones for some, but they have helped me reclaim control over myself and my life through love and self-care. The Body Positive experience did that for me.

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