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Our volunteers support many of the core operations and tasks that keep us running effectively. Unpaid work is invaluable to any solid nonprofit, and we are thrilled that you want to volunteer with us.

Please note that this survey is not a formal interview. Some questions are personal, so we can get a sense of who you are without you having to leave your computer (for now!). Please answer to the degree you feel comfortable sharing with our team. There are no wrong answers, or expectations of answers. The Body Positive is a co-creative ecosystem, built by volunteers, interns, participants, facilitators and staff members. We're excited to learn more about you.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with The Body Positive.


Email address:

Why are you interested in this role?

What is one of your favorite hobbies or interests?

What personal experience have you had with body positive work?

What do you feel you can contribute to us?

When is the last time you were embarrassed? (What happened? How did you handle the situation?)

What activities energize and excite you?

What are two personal habits that have served you well?

How do you best accept support from others?

What aspect of this work are you most passionate about?

How do you best handle conflict? (in person, in the moment, later, over the phone, in text etc...)

Who inspires you? Why?

Which of these do you generally feel yourself more drawn towards?

Are you available to come in on Thursdays between 11-4? (our general in office volunteer time)?

Do you have a laptop?

Are you able to do work remotely?

Are you able to volunteer longer events, such as our full day workshops, or 2-day trainings?

How many hours a week (on average) can you realistically commit?

Can you make a six month or one year commitment?

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